New & Experienced professions

BITS welcomes new and experienced IT professionals in Botswana to network and collaborate on innovative solutions. Click learn more to get started.

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Skills Development

BITS is committed to promoting IT skills development among Botswana's youth. As a non-profit organization representing various stakeholders, we can build partnerships to provide opportunities for technical, application, and management knowledge acquisition.

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Network and Collaboration

Join BITS for valuable IT networking and collaboration opportunities among professionals in Botswana's public and private sectors.

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Specialist and User Interest Groups

BITS encourages members to form SIG and UIG based on shared IT interests for exchange of ideas.

User Interest Groups

User BITS groups are interest groups formed by members with shared interest in specific IT systems or application areas.

Specialist Groups

Specialist BITS groups are interest groups formed by members who share a common interest in specialized areas of IT, such as programming, security, and project management.

BITS is a member of:

TICONA is an organization that brings together national ICT bodies and associations in Africa to exchange knowledge and promote the information technology profession on the continent. They aim to support ICT leaders in Africa and respect each country's unique culture and level of development.